DECLAN, an author struggling with his unrealized potential, is confronted by renewed grief over his long dead brother AIDAN. His wife ANASTASIE suggests they throw a party on what would’ve been Aidan’s fiftieth birthday.


Although the intention of the party is to honor Aidan’s life, things quickly unravel as it becomes clear that not every guest shares memories of Aidan that are untainted by anger and pain. While Declan and his sister TIERNEY recall their brother fondly, Declan’s older brother LIAM has memories filled with bitterness and resentment. Adding to the tension is the fact that Declan invited Anastasie’s lesbian ex-wife without consulting her first.  This leads to accusations that Declan is testing his wife to gauge if she still has feelings for her former lover.


Over the course of dinner, revelations of sexuality, race, abortion, love, life and death unroll at a feverish pace as the night escalates into mayhem. Emotional explosions uncover secrets that have been buried for more than two decades.


The revelations push the family to the edge and are a catalyst to confront, reconcile and heal old wounds.  But is it too late?